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Consultant Interview Course

Correct Your Mindset

There are many myths that abound about how to perform well in your interview and whilst some are valid, many are not and can lead you down a path where you produce answers to your interview questions that feel forced and sound awkward. 

We will discuss some of the key mindset changes that I believe doctors need to undertake in order to produce sensible and compelling answers to questions that the interview panel are likely to throw your way.


Correct Your Content

It's critical that you have insightful content delivered with good style principles to produce responses to the ST or consultant interview panel's questions in your interview. Now, we can certainly predict many of the topic areas that the questions are going to be around, which is something that I discuss in depth when preparing candidates in my individual online coaching for either consultant interviews or ST3 interviews.

Obviously, there will be questions regarding your background, your motivations towards the location and the speciality, clinical audit, quality improvement, clinical practice, management, research, teaching, team working any many other areas. 

NHS topics are relatively unusual in consultant interview questions and so I would not encourage you to invest too much time trying to understand various elements of health policy and funding.


Correct Your Communication

Delivering your answers succinctly and persuasively are important if you want to be successful in being appointed to your medical post. This often comes from an understanding of some of the principles or communication and persuasion that I discuss in the introduction course that you can access online. We will go into those areas in greater depth should you choose me to coach you to succeed in your medical or consultant interview


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